Saturday, December 17, 2005

Promised pictures

Here are the sweet things that were in my SP package: chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate! And some organic snackbars. (I ate the banana bread one yesterday. Delish!) And some more Greenies for Rudy and Gracie. They give you props for those, Wendy! I think you can tell in this picture that I've already broken into one of the chocolate bars. YUMMY!!!

Here are the smelly things from the package: lavender body lotion, lavender bath gel, lavender foam bath, lavender shampoo, a lavender lotion bar from the Lavender Fields that are near her house, and peppermint foot cream. She's ensuring that nobody can call me Stinky! There's also another tube of Disney Princess toothpaste for Hayden.

And here is the softest, silkiest thing: a skein of 100% bombyx silk handpainted yarn in lovely shades of violet and purple. She said she had "Ironman Stephanie" in mind when she did it! Go ahead, stroke your monitor - feel the softness of the yarn. I've been fantasizing about what I'm going to make with it ever since I got it.

Here's a picture of the contents of the UPS Urgent package that was delivered to me last Sunday. I've been coveting that Folk Shawls book ever since I saw Eunny's Fir Cone shawl. I've got some alpaca silk laceweight yarn in my stash waiting to become something out of that book.

And one last shot:

This is our tree that we FINALLY decorated this past Wednesday. See the box underneath? I'm in a Secret Santa swap, and that's my present. I'm not supposed to open it until December 23rd, but man, is it tempting! I actually received it about a week ago but kept forgetting to mention it. I hope the person who sent it to me hasn't been reading my blog and wondering if it ever got to me. This is proof that it did.

Okay, I must return to my husband's sweater. By this time next week, I'd like to be ready to sew the sleeves in. Right now I'm a couple of inches past the armholes on the front and I've done the ribbing of both sleeves, so I still have quite a bit to do.

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