Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday progress report (and a couple of pictures)

This is the Fluffly Lace Cowl out of my Compa Secreta mohair. I went to Target today and bought a long sleeved purple shirt that this cowl will look stunning with. (The black top was fine, but it didn't have the wowza factor I wanted. I think this purple top will.) You can't see the color very well in this shot, but there's a beautiful mix of blue and purple throughout. You also can't see the lace pattern that I used. Overall, I guess this is a pretty shitty shot of a very pretty cowl. Sorry.

Here is the progress I had made on Mike's sweater as of Thursday night. I've worked on it a lot today, so it's further along. Unfortunately, it's not quite to the armholes, which is the goal I had set for myself for the week. I've got about 3 inches to get there. I might be able to do it tonight, but I also have to pick up the house since my cleaning fairy just called and said he'd be over in the morning. (We have a couple of gay men clean our house once a month, and my husband has dubbed them our cleaning fairies. My original name for them was Agador Spartacus.)

This is a picture of Hayden modeling my 2-year old niece's hat that I finished last night. It's just a simple hat out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and Online Smash. It was painful working with the novelty yarn after the Faux-Fur Halter fiasco, but I didn't have to work with it very long, and I knew it'd be adorable on a 2-year old. If I get a wild hair up my butt in the next 3 weeks, I may even sew (you didn't know I sew, did you? used to do it for money for other people's kids, as well as smock) a coordinating jacket. But don't count on that. (What Hayden is doing in this shot is sitting on my bike which is sitting on my trainer. I'm a wuss when it comes to riding in the cold, so I've turned my bike into a stationary one until the temp gets above 45 degrees again.)

And for some reason, just as I'm trying to upload the one decent picture I have to share with you, it's not working. Figures. I'll have to post it later this week. I decided not to put the ruffles on my Greek Pullover, so it's done. I wore it while running errands today to see if I'd like it as is, and I do. I had to go to Target and get a strapless bra for it, though, because the neckline is really big. I like the sweater, but in hindsight, I would've made the smallest size.

Now I'll report on my goals that I set for myself for this week, and I'll make my new ones. I met 2 of them - I didn't let Hayden's teacher bother me this week (of course, I didn't see her very much because Mike took him to school 3 out of 5 days), and I finished the St. Jude's 1/2 marathon in Memphis in under 2 hours. The race was fun. Our friend Amy went with us, and we all did what we wanted to. Mike and I ran together, and our finishing time was 1:57:33. I felt pretty good, and I had enough gas to kick a little in the last 1/2 mile. There was a girl wearing an outfit that I didn't like, so I decided that I had to pass her. Then there was a woman who looked like a total nerd, so I had to pass her as well. The nerd was a little bit of a challenge, and for a moment, I was scared that she in all her nerdiness was going to beat me by something stupid like 2 seconds. One big thing that I like about this race is the fact that you get to run by the Target House, the place where families of St. Jude's kids stay while the kids are in the hospital. There's always tons of people in front of the Target House, cheering the runners on and thanking us for helping raise money for St. Jude's. Some kids are even out there, and it lifts your spirits to see them and slap their hands as you go by. One very funny thing happened yesterday: the entertainment at about mile 10 1/2 was just a DJ playing fun music loudly. As I went past, he was playing "Da Butt." ("Doin' da butt/da da de da...") I noticed that he was directly across the street from The Pipeline, which is a gay bar. How appropriate - "Da Butt" near a gay bar! I got a kick out of it. As I was telling this to Amy after the race, she said that when she passed that guy, he was playing "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." She didn't see the humor in that at the time because she didn't know there was a gay bar right across the street. (I used to live in Memphis and was a fag hag to my high school's only openly gay guy during my senior year, so I know where all the hot spots are.) Geez, I think the DJ knew what he was doing! I wonder what other songs he played? "Over the Rainbow"? "It's Raining Men"??

I didn't meet my other 2 goals, but to no fault of my own. I didn't get to ride my bike for the hour I was supposed to on Wednesday because my plans got a little screwed up, and I didn't ride today either because I think the combination of the race and sitting in a car later the same day caused my IT band to hurt. IT bands are nothing to mess around with, especially for a runner, so I'm taking it easy and icing it a couple of times a day. Mike's sweater is not quite to the armholes, like I mentioned earlier, but I may get there before I go to bed tonight.

This week's goals will look something like this:

1. Get the back of Mike's sweater done.
2. Do all the swim and strength training workouts done for the week.

That doesn't sound like much, but I think it's reasonable. I'm not going to tell myself that I'll complete all my workouts this week since my IT band is messed up, and I'm not going to set any other knitting goals because the back of the sweater will be quite enough!

Off to pick up toys, fold clothes, and do some knitting!

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