Friday, December 16, 2005

Compa Secreta revealed ...

... and it's Wendy!

She's been a super terrific Secret Pal - er, Compa Secreta. I got a package from her yesterday that included sweet things, smelly things, and the softest, silkiest thing EVER. I want to carry it around like a woobie always. Pictures will come later, I promise. You should check out her blog if you want to see cute dogs and wonderful handspun, handpainted yarn. She has an online store, too. Once I finish my husband's sweater, I'm going shopping!

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Jen said...

wow! Small world. I think your secret santa was at the SoCal knit-out that Lauren from Almost Felted organized (from CT)! I didn't get to meet her though since there was a logistics issue and then all of the suddent there were like 20 people to meet at once! Just so weird.