Friday, December 09, 2005

I think I need to crawl in a hole for a while.

Don't you get really bothered by people sometimes? Here's a list of the people whose heads I might chop off soon:

1. The office manager at Easter Seals. Hayden used to go there for speech therapy, and I paid for every session we attended at the time of the session. Somehow one of my checks got posted to someone else's account, so we're still getting bills from their billing company. Several months ago I talked with the office manager and sorted this all out (or so I thought), but now I find out that she must've suffered short-term memory loss after our conversation because we still have a balance according to their billing company and no matter how many details I can recount for her of our conversation several months ago, she still thinks we owe money. So now I have to recreate all of the information I gave to her months ago and give it to the billing company so I can prove to them that a)we do not owe any more money, and b)she's a total idiot. I had problems with the billing company at the private school Hayden attended when he was 3, too. Maybe these larger companies/whatever you call them think they can just overcharge us and because we have other things to do and worry about than look over our bill and make sure it's correct, we won't catch it. Doesn't work with me. I'm very anal and organized, so I keep track of everything. And I used to be an accountant, for Pete's sake! I have my undergraduate degree in Accounting and my MBA in Finance - there's no tricking me into overpaying!

2. People who think that all wool is a) too warm to knit with, and b) yucky because they associate it with some gross outfit their mothers made them wear 20 years ago. I was having a conversation with 2 women I work with, and they just don't see the beauty in the Jo Sharp DK (100% wool that doesn't pill - yippee!) that I'm using to knit my husband's sweater with simply because it's wool. All wool is scratchy. All wool is too warm. All wool is yucky. I eventually just had to walk away and take pity for their poor, ignorant, Red Heart-loving souls.

3. People who, when playing Dirty Santa, don't take other people's needs and wants into account and steal gifts just for the sake of stealing. For hypothetical purposes, let's say that person A ended up with a book that she had been coveting for months but she hadn't been able to buy because the only yarn store she goes to has been out of it. (Sure, she could buy it on the Internet, but she'd really rather give her money to the LYS she loves so dearly. Or receive it as a gift.) She's got certain projects planned (but she can't talk about them yet because they're Super Secret) that she needs that book for. When it came time for person B to pick a gift to open or steal someone else's, B went after the book. A let her know that she really wanted this book and that she'd be upset if B took it, but B did it anyway. If I had been person B, I wouldn't have done that. Yes, I know, that's the way the game is played, but I also try to be nice to people and let them have what they want. Maybe that's just me.

But this is all hypothetical.

And I'm not playing Dirty Santa anymore.


Compa Secreta said...

There are people out there like my husband who when faced with producing documentation and spending a lot of time on hold and going through the rigamarole of proving that NO WE DON'T OWE YOU GREEDY B@STARDS MORE MONEY would rather just pay it, which is weird, because when it comes to spending $100, $200, or at one point $800 on something he really wants he thinks long and hard and usually won't. So blame him for the dirty double-billers, because I'd bet he's not alone in making these "mistakes" profitable.

I don't understand Dirty Santa, it doesn't strike me as a very fun game or true to the spirit of the season, as your "hypothetical" situation shows.

I hope things get better, it's just kind of a stressful time of year--at least you and Hayden had a great time dyeing up more scarf yarn.

Oh, and the wool thing. I usually just hand over the project in my purse: "Does this feel scratchy? Well, it's wool. 100% (whatever breed) and handspun. Not all wool is scratchy. Most wool isn't scratchy. Just like most knitters aren't grandmas." (IRL the verbal exchange is much friendlier than that loooks)
I actually worked for a LYSO who thought that about all wool, frankly, because she didn't really know what the hell she was doing (just thought a LYS would be like money in the bank with the so-called knitting craze) and had one wool in stock, the notsosoft superchunky overpriced Icelandic Wool from Crystal Palace.

We all have "crawl in a hole" days and I hate that anxious tight angry feeling (especially the internal voice that says, "Let it go, already" when the brain keeps swirling the injustices around and up to the surface) because there's a lot of unempathetic careless behavior in this world. Not to sound too smarmy, but sometimes it helps to make a list of what makes you smile in your life and put the other stuff in its temporary and peripheral to the part of your life which matters perspective.

But I had one of those weeks too.

MeBeth said...

I am DREADFUL at dirty santa - I cant bear to take someone else's present away. And I'm sorry you are having a craptastic week - at least the weekend is here and may provide some relief.

FaeryCrafty said...

I totally freaking hate that game!! I HATE it!! No more dirty stupid Santa!