Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just in time!

Actually, I have almost an hour and a half to spare. It is now 3:35pm. At 5pm, Hayden and I go to speech therapy, our last session until February. The last end of the therapist's scarf just got woven in! I took a picture of it and of the first scarf, but my husband did something to the computer and I can't post pictures right now. Will do so later. One more Kool-Aid scarf to go! This one will be Arctic Green Apple flavored/colored. I think the next time I do some Kool-Aid dyeing, I'm going to try multi-colored. Eunny just made some really pretty self-striping sock yarn to do another pair of Jaywalkers.

Another picture I owe you is one of what the UPS man delivered to my house on Sunday: the book that was the subject of the Dirty Santa game that got blown way out of proportion last week and 3 skeins of some pretty purple yarn. There wasn't a return address or a note, so I can't be sure of who sent it, but I have a pretty good idea. Thank you - unnecessary, but thanks nonetheless.

Also, I had to disable the comment function on my blog. Sorry. Got tired of hearing about what a mean and hateful person I am and how I need to crawl in a hole and stay there. Somebody hiding behind anonymity really has it out for me.

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